Courses developed by the Food Learning Company use the latest in learning techniques to ensure that the information provided is embedded in the minds of those taking the courses.

The aim is to provide training and guidance that is relevant and fun, using accelerated learning techniques to make the content memorable and easily understood, even by those where English may be their second language.

Courses provided by others have been selected because they provide relevant training and guidance for operators in the food industry. These may operate using different training techniques.

Courses currently available:

  • FLC Courses: Level 2 Food Hygiene
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Awareness Training

About the FLC Level 2 Food Hygiene Course

Level 2 Food Hygiene is designed to provide the basic knowledge and understanding that food handlers (including delivery staff) need. This is vital if your business is to comply with the law and produce safe food.

The course takes the learner step-by-step through everything they need to know, from a basic understanding of microbiological risks to practical guidance, cross-contamination and hand washing, including information about waste control.

At each stage of the course, the learner is engaged in the process through a series of interactive activities which makes the course fun to do whilst also checking that they understand the points they are learning.

At the conclusion of the course a certificate is issued to verify that they have taken the course and the pass mark they have achieved.