Unlike traditional ways of learning, which usually involve lots of reading, accelerated learning uses interactive activities, imagery and audio and visual techniques to engage people in their own learning whilst also making it fun.

Developed as a result of research into how people learn and absorb information best, accelerated learning has not only proven to be highly effective but also saves time by making the learning process interesting.

What makes accelerated learning so effective is that it takes into account the way we all naturally learn by presenting information in a form that the brain responds to most readily. By making the process interesting the learner is absorbed into the process of learning.

Using these techniques, information is not only learnt more quickly but also better remembered than by traditional learning methods.

A unique aspect of the course is the ability of the system to provide a detailed record of all the training for your business, including copies of certificates. This information is accessible at individual sites or at head office. Each time a member of your staff takes a course, their details are logged on the system within your business account. This means you can maintain comprehensive records of staff training, including copies of individual certificates and their pass marks.  Should you be asked for training records by an EHO, you will have a fully traceable, due diligence system.